Technology and I have a love/hate relationship.



I love my technology.  not gonna lie.  I’m forever amazed by what  it allows us to do.  But here’s the thing.  its fickle.  it fails or rather we fail it?  lol.  As someone who designs complicated electronic puzzles to amaze and confound you AND someone who streams games (not to mention all the gaming done on my free time) you’d think I’d have this technology stuff mastered.  Nope.  at least once a day (like most of us) I randomly blurt out “What the heck?, why is it not working”     usually followed by “Can you hear me?”

Yes.  Technical issues are such are part of my daily routine that to be honest…. I started to think I’m cursed and that my computer (more specifically by AUDIO) hates me.   Now here’s the thing though if my computer was capable of human emotions and asked to comment it would probably state the following:


“I do not hate Elle, on the contrary, I try my very best for her, but she really needs to remember to un-mute, connect the headset, turn up the volume etc.”

This week I’ve been doing test runs on a way to bring our escape rooms to an online platform and OF COURSE audio issues seemed follow me.   none the less, we have an easy fix and an option to complete our escape rooms from the comfort of your home is coming really soon.  I’m excited, nervous and so happy that this little idea of mine is finally ready.   stay tuned to our streams in the coming days for more details!  oh and if they cant hear me on discord remind me to check to see if “push to talk” is on ok?