go pro, Tarot Cards and Chocolate

Hi Guys!! 
Today I was humbled by a Go Pro.  I bought one to try and test out an idea I have to make our Escape Rooms Virtual.  its just a video camera.  so I thought, an hour or two to get it all sorted out and BAM I will be making videos by end of the afternoon.  wrong.  I FINALLY have it charged, connected and ready to go BUT its like time for bed so I have not yet actually used it yet.  what went wrong?  I could not for the life of me get it to connect to my phone.  mainly because I didn’t read the manual.  lol 
Regardless of the simple task becoming complicated it was a great day!  Tarot Card Tuesdays are always a great day!!!   If you missed it we asked the cards about becoming a YouTube star, love, home ownership and Call of Duty! 
Hope you all had a great day!  Hope tomorrows even better!