About Us

“Escape In Caledonia” is a family owned and operated business.
We are Haldimand’s only Premiere Escape Room and Board Game Café.


Escape Rooms

Escape in Caledonia has four distinctly unique rooms, but the goal is the same in each: Solve all the clues to escape before your time runs out!
Think you can do it??

What to Expect

When you first arrive, you will be given instructions and tips for completing the room you have booked. You will then be escorted into one of our four themed rooms and will need to solve all clues and riddles in order to escape. Oh yeah, and you only have one hour to compete all the tricky brain teasers.

Now don’t panic, we are ready to help with hints should you find yourself stuck on a riddle.

Board Game Café

Escape in Caledonia is not just escape room, we also have a board game café. Come with friends and family to enjoy some good old fashioned fun with a wide selection or board games or perhaps just a fun game of cards. Do you think you got what it takes to make our weekly leadership board?

In addition to a place to enjoy with friends and family the Escape Café offers weekly challenges, riddles and special events such as open mike nights, card tournaments, amateur stand-up and so much more.

Have an idea for a special event?
Email us at: